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I Feel Angry When . . .
The Game That Teaches Kids How to Keep Their Cool Using I-Messages and Anger Control Strategies
by Donna L. McGoff, MS

When kids get angry, we often tell them, “Use your words.” That’s good advice as far as it goes. But it’s effective only if youngsters know how to translate feelings into words. This appealing game presents a tried-and-true template for expressing anger—an easy verbal formula that kids can use whenever emotions flare.

As they respond to anger-provoking situations described on game cards, players learn how to use I-Messages to communicate their feelings in a calm, nonthreatening way. By structuring statements in a specific pattern, kids discover that they can communicate anger without accusing others. They also learn 12 anger control strategies that help them retain their composure in the moment anger erupts. Simple and straightforward, this game gives children the skills they need to keep their cool. For 2 to 6 players.

I Feel Angry When... The Game That Teaches Kids How to Keep Their Cool

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