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No More Bullies! Workbook. The Bully Book is a simple therapeutic tool—written by an expert in the field of child psychology—to help children process a personal experience with bullying. With about 77% of students reporting being bullied, this sorely needed self-help book is designed specifically for children to complete and make their own. Despite programs and policies designed to reduce bullying, incidences are only increasing. Working through this book—with either professional guidance or a parent’s encouragement, can help a child move from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered, capable, and confident. Despite the simplicity of The Bully Book, the power of telling one’s story can make a profound impact on a child processing distressing or confusing events. The Bully Book is the first in a series of books to help kids cope

No More Bullies! Workbook

SKU: '9781882732753